Target enhancement interpretive processing techniques and their application in B area


  • ZHANG Li Sinopec Geophysical Corporation Author


Carbonate reservoirs, fractured-vuggy reservoir, target enhancement, dip-steering filter, fracture characteristics


The Ordovician reservoir in Area B is a carbonate fracture- controlled fractured-vuggy reservoir. The distribution of the reservoir is controlled by the slip fracture zones, with large differences in three-dimensional space and strong heterogeneity, which makes it difficult to identify the geological target body. Methods to improve the accuracy of fracture prediction through improved algorithms work well, but are difficult for ordinary interpreters. Therefore, a characteristic interpretive processing approach oriented to geological problems is proposed. In this paper, the geological target body in Area B is processed by the target-enhanced interpretive processing approach, and suitable key parameters are selected to highlight the geological target features. By these methods, improve the interpretation accuracy of the layers and fractures, and effectively support the later reservoir prediction.


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Author Biography

  • ZHANG Li, Sinopec Geophysical Corporation

    Zhang Li, female, Master, now mainly engaged in geophysical research.


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