Construction of Cross Border E-commerce Cooperation Alliance based on Cloud Platform and Interest Game


  • Kairui Wei Zhuhai College of Science and Technology Author
  • Zecheng Yang Zhuhai College of Science and Technology Author
  • Yuxian Ou Zhuhai College of Science and Technology Author


cross border e-commerce alliance, Stackelberg game, Raiffa model


The development of cross-border e-commerce is crucial in establishing the new pattern of domestic and international double circulation. Currently, the issue of 'information islands' within the cross-border e-commerce supply chain and the problem of conflicting interests are hindering the further development of cross-border e-commerce. This paper describes the establishment of a horizontal alliance between cross-border e-commerce manufacturers and platforms through the construction of a cloud platform. Subsequently, a vertical alliance was formed with cross-border e-commerce platforms, domestic logistics service providers, international carriers, and foreign logistics service providers as the main components. To ensure effective information coordination and benefit sharing among cross-border e-commerce partners, the traditional single benefit distribution model has been replaced. The benefits of horizontal and vertical alliances in cross-border e-commerce are now distributed using Stackelberg game theory and an improved Raiffa model, resulting in a more equitable distribution among alliance members.


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