On Internet News Translation under Nord’s Text Analysis Model---Taking “Paris Olympics 2024: Locals ask if they’re worth the trouble” Reported by BBC as an Example


  • Zhang Xiaoyu Department of Foreign Languages, Xinjiang University Author




Nord, Text analysis mode, Network news, Translation


With the progress and development of Internet technology, the cause of Internet news media is growing. With the pace of globalization, China and the world are constantly strengthening their exchanges and contacts. News reports help the general public to understand the current hot news, and the development of the Internet also makes news reports reappear in a new form, that is, network news reports. Based on Nord’s text analysis model, this paper discusses the translation methods and strategies of online news texts. This paper aims to provide effective guidance and reference for the translation of online news texts, and hopes that translators can promote international cultural exchanges and contacts in the process of translating such texts.


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