Multiple Themes in James Joyce’s Araby


  • Kong Jingyu Anshan Normal University Author



themes, Araby, James Joyce, classes, spiritual emptiness


Araby, composed by the famous Irish writer James Joyce, comes the third in his collection Dubliners, which contains fifteen short stories in total. This novel tells a story of a young boy who pursued eagerly for his love and who was encountered with disillusionment at last. The epoch of James Joyce witnessed the great transformation from realism to modernism, which resulted in an increasing rise in attention paid to the description of mental state of the residents. Joyce expressed his concerns about the society through his meticulous depictions of daily chores. By analyzing details in the story, the spiritual emptiness of people at that time can be clearly seen. Based on researches in the past and the structuralism theory of Tzvetan Todorov, this essay aims to clarify the narrative structure of the story and its themes of mental paralysis.


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