Analysis of the influencing factors of tourists in Siguniang Mountain Scenic area —— Empirical evidence from the Baidu Index


  • Zhao Jingru Guangxi Normal University Author



Tourist volume, Baidu index, Siguniang Mountain


With the epidemic gradually under control, the policy of steady growth began to take effect, and China's economy gradually began to recover. Tourism, as an important component of our economy, is one of the important driving forces to promote our economic development. This paper takes Siguniang Mountain Scenic area as an example. In order to study the influencing factors of tourist volume of Siguniang Mountain, based on the 100 degree Index, the search index of "Siguniang Mountain", the search index of "Siguniang Mountain Guide" and the search index of "Siguniang Mountain altitude" from 2022 to 2023 are selected as explanatory variables, and the DATA is obtained from graphs by using GET DATA software. And through the use of SPSS software to carry out multiple regression analysis and test, so as to obtain significant influencing factors. Through the analysis results, reasonable and effective suggestions are put forward for related tourism departments.This study found that we can increase the number of tourists to "Siguniang Mountain" by optimizing the name search index, optimizing the search index of travel tips, highlighting the uniqueness of altitude, cross-channel marketing, continuous data analysis and monitoring, and other aspects. As there are many influencing factors in this experiment and not all of them have been taken into consideration, there are also certain deviations in the data. Therefore, further improvements can be made in future experiments.


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