In the Age of Technological Prowess: Managing Green Transformation of Ningbo Maritime Logistics through Intelligent Technologies




Ningbo maritime logistics, Green transformation, Intelligent technology


This paper examines the role of intelligent technologies in driving the green transformation of maritime logistics in Ningbo. It identifies challenges related to technological investment and costs, non-technical factors, data security, and proposes corresponding solutions. By addressing these challenges, shipping companies can unlock the potential of intelligent technologies, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced environmental impact.


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Data Availability Statement

This work is supported by Ningbo Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project (G2023-2-56).




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Pang, Q., & Yao, J. (2024). In the Age of Technological Prowess: Managing Green Transformation of Ningbo Maritime Logistics through Intelligent Technologies. Global Academic Frontiers, 2(2), 22-29.