Extraction of acid phosphatase from mung bean sprouts and determination of its enzymatic properties


  • Lei Chen Weifang Institute of Technology Author
  • Quan Zhou Qinghai University Author


Acid Phosphatase, Enzymatic Properties, Optimum Condition, Mung Bean Sprouts, Enzyme activity


To investigate the enzymatic properties of acid phosphatase from mung bean sprouts and explore the optimal reaction conditions for this enzyme. This study extracted phosphatase from fresh mung bean sprouts and determined its enzymatic properties. It was found that the activity of acid phosphatase in 1ml of mung bean sprout enzyme solution was 8.68,  the optimal pH was 5.4,  and the temperature at which the activity was highest was 50 degrees Celsius. This study not only determined the enzymatic properties of the enzyme and obtained the optimal reaction conditions,  laying the foundation for related research,  but also providing theoretical guidance for subsequent industrial applications.


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