Responsibility of Intermediaries from the Case of Zeda and Amethyst


  • Yanchen Zhang East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai 200000, China Author



Intermediary organization, Misrepresentation, Liability boundary


The full implementation of the registration system provides more enterprises with listing opportunities, but also brings greater tests to the information disclosure system of the securities market. The change from the approval system to the registration system makes the intermediary assume the role of the gatekeeper of the information disclosure. Under the current attitude of the CSRC, issuers and intermediaries have been punished in an endless stream of news. Under false statements, how to punish the perpetrator and how to make up for the loss of the victim is the focus of the incident handling. The Amethyst Storage case and the Zeda Essence case, as recent typical cases, are also the first cases of fraudulent issuance and settlement of the science and technology board in China. The handling of the responsible personnel in the case and the application of the system of advance compensation and parties' commitment are of great value to the research on the liability of intermediaries.


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